“Homelessness” in London

They are young, skilled workers with a permanent contract, but they can not rent a house. This is living in London. The problem of homelessness in the English capital is not now, everyone admits, but it is now that the problem is affecting the young generation. People that work eight hours a day, sometimes holidays and overtime. And they pay very high taxes. By day, they travel on average two hours by subway between home and work. They take their food box everywhere, but they can not even rent a T1. Many are leaving for other cities in the UK, others continue to share house, for years and years, with other couples, losing privacy and quality of life. They give up dreams and projects, lose their individuality.

The London real estate market seems to be handed over to half a dozen billionaires from China and the Arab countries. They buy houses that will never live and increase the prices so such that no average worker can afford to pay. And no bank can afford to finance. For the government, who have stopped to make policy to become financial managers of public money, it is just a question of “who gives more.” And it is always good to appear on the television cameras to appeal to “savings” and “belt tightening”.

More about this subject here

Ana Rita Machado


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